Indonesia’s Heritage for the World

Indonesia’s Heritage for the World

A magazine displayed in a bookshop at Bandung Train Station made me stunned. It was Gatra Magazine, Special Edition for August 17th, 2010, entitled “Indonesia’s Heritage for the World”. In a blink, I bought that magazine.

Indonesia’s Heritage for the World. Yes, this is the title of the special edition to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day. The edition exclusively discusses 65 kinds of Indonesian legacy for the World, which consists of various Intangible, Arts, Crafts, Architecture, Tangible and finally Sites and Archaeology Heritage. The number 65 is of course used only to coincide with Indonesia’s independence day, 65 year ago. If we’re talking the actual number of Indonesia’s heritage, I am certain that there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of them spread across the country, from Sabang to Merauke, from Miangas to Rote. As the tagline of this site, Beautiful Diversity, Indonesia has a very rich and diverse cultural beauty.

As a small gift from us to our beloved nation, after three months we had this website in beta version, by today, August 17th, 2010, Peep Indonesia is officially introduced to the public. This website can be accessed at Happy and proud to launch the website, we do realize there are many things that need refinement and further development.

To complete our happiness, by today we also have a new crew. Dwi Rahardiani, or more affectionately known as Duy, a spirited traveler, joins Peep Indonesia. She will be our Editor and Narrator and will assist Goyo, our Editor-in-Chief. Through her lens, Duy will also share a lot of pictures of Molo, Belitung and other Indonesian landscapes she has visited. Duy’s enthusiasm and experience will certainly strengthen Peep Indonesia to grow in the future in promoting Indonesia’s Heritage to the World.

Welcome to the team, Duy.

And one more thing that makes this day a very special day for me and the team is that today is our Editor-in-Chief’s second anniversary. I would like to wish Goyo and his family a very happy anniversary. Hopefully someday Goyo and his families will also be part of Indonesia’s Heritage for the World. :)

Finally, Happy Birthday, Indonesia!

Jakarta, August 17th, 2010
Beni Suryadi

Photo credits: bittbox and Gatra.

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