The eastern part of Indonesia is a magical place where peepers can find plenty of surreal sceneries. Mount Kelimutu is not an exception. Located in Flores island, Kelimutu is famous for the three lakes at its crater. They were turquoise, darker turquoise and black when I was there. However, due to geological phenomenon or weather condition, the colors are always changing. Some sources said that the colors can even turn to red, blue and white—very interesting!

In the local language, “keli” means mountain and “mutu” means boiling. The literal meaning is quite representative since some parts of the national park is forbidden for visitor due to geothermal instability. The safest trekking path, about one to two hours walk, lies between Moni (the entry point to Kelimutu) and the mountain.

Kelimutu is 66 km from Ende, or 83 km from Maumere. There’s a bus service, called “oto kol”, from Ende to Maumere that passes through Moni. The best time to go there is in July and August. Peepers are advised to wake up before dawn to walk the trekking path so you won’t miss the early sunrise—it will leave you breathless.

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