Kirab Boyongan Solo

Solo (formally known as Surakarta) is a city in Central Java which holds important role as one of the centers of Javanese culture. The city’s slogan “Solo, Spirit of Java” reflected on the architecture of the buildings, the citizens’ way of living and numbers of cultural events held throughout the year.

One event that must not be missed is Kirab Boyongan (literally can be translated as the Moving Parade). A lot of social groups were involved, including important government elements of said society. Most of them were walking during the parade, some rode horses and some were on horse carts. In these pictures, they were moving a traditional market called Pasar Windujenar. Lead by the Mayor, the parade departed from the old location of the market to the new one.

The parade was like one stop cultural show because people can see a lot of cultural elements in it. Starting from the wardrobe, almost all of them were wearing traditional clothes. Some of them even wear uniform of the kingdoms’ army, complete with swords and rifles. There were also several children who wear festive wardrobe made from traditional fabric, batik.

Other than the costumes, each social group who joined the parade also brought some attributes to show their identity. Some even performed attractions to entertain the public. People can see, not only various traditional wardrobes, but also various attractive performances – and all for free.

One important note: Kirab Boyongan is not a regular event. But don’t worry, Solo has a lot of other interesting Kirabs which are held regularly throughout the year. Come, and enjoy Solo, the spirit of Java.

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  1. duy says:

    nice pictures and moments :)

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