Pangumbahan Turtle Park, Ujung Genteng

Surprising sunset and sea turtles conservation are two highlights at Pangumbahan Beach, one of tourism spots in Ujung Genteng, southern coastal in West Java, 220 km away from Jakarta. In this site, the coastal area is clean and still shady with big coconut trees, making it ideal for sea turtles to lay their eggs because they tend to avoid barren and dirty areas. Most of the sea turtles often spotted here are Chelonia mydas, which can grow up to 1.5 meter length and weigh up to 300 kg.

These sea turtles are highly sensitive to any means of disturbance while laying their eggs during night time. At once, the sea turtles can lay 100-200 eggs although this can be halted if they sense threats or disturbances. Therefore, Pangumbahan Beach has to be isolated from residential area. The track heading to this place is quite extreme thus an off-road vehicle is preferred. It is best to use car with high ground clearance.

The ideal time to come to this area is in the afternoon, when the little turtles are usually released to the sea. During those time, visitors will have the chance to talk to the officers in charge regarding anything related to the breeding of sea turtles in the park. Visitors can also donate some money for this conservation efforts. By doing so, visitors will get the privilege to have a personal experience of releasing those ‘donated little turtles’ into the sea, along with the rest of the colonies.

The iconic scene of these baby turtles crawl into the big vast ocean is indeed a remarkable episode. Although sometime the waves sway them back to the beach, these tiny creatures will not stop trying to face the waves until they swim freely in the ocean. In addition, amazing sunset in the background will complement the beautiful scene. The combination of shades of clouds tinged with yellowish sun will be a pleasure surprise that is so worth to wait.

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