Segara Anakan Lagoon

Lagoon, a body of shallow sea water separated from the sea by certain form of barriers, is one of the unique landscapes that can always make people gasp. Among its thousands islands, Indonesia is lucky to have amazing lagoons, including this Segara Anakan lagoon that located in Sempu Island. This 900 hectares island can be reached by 20 minutes boat ride from Sendang Biru beach, 70 km away South of Malang, East Java. Sempu is uninhabited and claimed as nature reserve due to its unspoiled tropical rainforest and biodiversities. There are two trekking paths on this island and the most favorite destination is the one heading to Segara Anakan lagoon through Semut Bay entrance. The path is also recommended because the path is less challenging and the view is more rewarding.

The difficulty of this trekking path depends much on the weather. It can get extremely muddy after rainy seasons. Visitors are advised to get accurate weather information before the trip. In good weather condition, it will take around 2 hours to get into the Segara Anakan, which can double for after-rain trekking. At certain spots, the mud might be knee-deep thus it is necessary to befriend all of the branches and twigs along the path to balance oneself in the walk. All of these efforts will be worthy after viewing the beautiful lagoon. Indeed, this will be a perfect journey for adventurous group travellers.

Segara Anakan is a place similar to lake where people can indulge their lust of snorkeling due to its extremely clear visibility for viewing the underwater scenery of small fishes and coral reefs. Swimmers should not worry of being dragged by the sea current since the wave is very serene thanks to the gigantic coral stones that guarding the lake from big waves off the sea. The water of this ‘lake’ come and go from a large hole on one spot of the stones, giving another memorable scene of splashing waves into the corals before it gets into the lake.

The turquoise calm water lay in contrast with beautiful white-sand beach. The beach also functions as a camping ground for visitors who want to spend the night. There is no fresh water and food sources in this area, thus make sure to bring them for the journey. After swimming or just floating in the lagoon, people usually like to relax in the beach, play with plastic balls, or go around the lagoon. There is one spot in the highest cliff where the border between the ocean and the lake can be best viewed. It is a short track, yet it is not easy. It is advised to bring a friend along for help. If it is possible, bring along a tumbler of coffee for it will taste better to be sipped while enjoying the picturesque scenery.

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