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Two years ago, when I introduced myself to a forum in one International web site, it is still fresh in my memory how people in that forum were surprised when I told them about the natural beauty and cultural diversity owned by Indonesia. And not only surprised, some of them didn’t even know if a country named Indonesia does exist.

Someone in that forum then wrote on my thread, “I just googled the word ‘Indonesia’, but I can not find any of good story like the one that you just told me”.
Another person said, “Well, I did find some pictures of Indonesia, but not like the one that you described”.

And it’s not just once I experienced this kind of thing.

In 2009 when one of my friends, Danang Adiwijaya, shared me the same concern about this, we decided to do something. We want to introduce Indonesia’s true charms to the world so that people can see and acknowledge it, and they will spend some time to visit and enjoy this country. And since Danang is always keen of photography, we will use pictures to convey this message to the world.

A website which shows the pictures of Indonesian beauty.
This is it!
This is the project that we chose to make this dream comes true.

At first, we found out that it is not that easy to live the dream. For some months there is no significant progress until one day in June 2010 we got new spirit from additional team member, not just one, but three new members. The team which was only consist of me and Danang, now accompanied by three friends who have the same vision with us — Cahyo Martosudirjo, Noudie De Jong, and Raiza Mahardika Nurmasanto. Together, we start the project of

Even though currently we are living in different places across the world — Cahyo/Goyo in Japan, Noudie/Nodi in The Netherlands, Raiza in the United Kingdom, while me and Danang in Jakarta — we are confident that the amazing talents of these five team members can liven up peepIndonesia well.

Thursday, 30th June 2010, for the first time, the beta version of peepIndonesia was launched on .

There are still a bunch of things that need to be prepared; articles for the pictures, enhancement of the website, etc, but at least the first step has been taken. And I’m really excited!

Photo by nickfarr

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Beni Suryadi

As a proud Indonesian, he wants to open the world's eyes to the fact that Indonesia is a very beautiful country, worthy to be loved. Currently, he is working as an energy policy analyst for Southeast Asia region. He is also an editor and a freelance writer.
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