How do you define a beautiful country?

  • Natural beauty?
  • Cultural diversity?
  • Hospitality?

These three things are, perfectly and abundantly, offered by a country, an equatorial archipelago nation named Indonesia.

In mid 2010, five friends who are currently staying scattered across the globe — Beni Suryadi and Danang Adiwijaya in Indonesia, Cahyo Martosudirjo in Japan, Noudie De Jong in the Netherlands, and Raiza M. Nurmasanto in the United Kingdom — decided to work together to share those three charms of Indonesia to the world. Soon afterwards, Dwi Rahardiani, also based in Indonesia, joined to make the team even stronger.

Through the lens of peepIndonesia’s photographers, you can “peep”:

  • the beauty of Indonesia’s natural landscapes;
  • the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia;
  • the very nice smile of Indonesian people welcoming you with their hospitality.

Through the pictures, you can “peep” millions of colors of Indonesia. The colors that will help you learn the new meaning of falling in love.

Once you visit the country, it’s only natural for you to come back again and again, craving for more, as the time you have is never enough to explore all of the extraordinary experiences offered by this enchanting country, Indonesia.

Peep Indonesia, Peep the Beautiful Diversity of Indonesia


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