Photo Tips #1 – Left Eye FTW

Claiming to be photo-enthusiast, I realize that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to photography. And today, I learn something rather interesting.

Answer me this; when you peek your view-finder to frame a photo, do you use your right eye or your left eye?

People will have difference preference. Some might say right, some might say left… it’s all based on natural instinct (reflex) or perhaps other reasons.

I normally use right eye for no particular reason. I guess it’s just reflex.

My wife use her left eye because she has more problem with her right eye.

A friend of mine use both (one at a time, of course) depending on the situation.

Bottom line, there is no right or wrong.

However, I just learn that using your left eye to peek has extra advantage – providing that you are using a ‘right hand camera’ (you push the shutter button with your right hand index finger).

Using your left eye peek at the view-finder tend to make your hands and arms (especially elbows) closed/rested on your body, thus providing extra support to prevent camera shake. It will become handy especially when you need to take photo with low shutter speed without tripod. Using this method, I still can get sharp-focused image at 1/8” shutter speed (handheld); Please note that I normally get shaky photo at 1/15″ shutter speed (handheld).

Starting today, I think I’m going to force myself to get accustom in using my left eye to peek. Hope it will help me in getting  better photos for

Further reading:

  1. “Da Grip”, by Joe McNally (Article, Video)
  2. “How to hold the camera with your hands for best support”, by Vesna Koselj (Article)

Photo by Amanda M. Hatfield