Belitung Island

Belitung, an island about 380 km north of Jakarta, is an emerging area that quickly established its position as a most-visited destination, especially after the publication of a best-seller fiction novel, Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warriors). The novel, written by a native Belitung young man Andrea Hirata, tells about an inspiring struggle of underprivileged elementary school students in the island. What actually exists in the island is far beyond what is stated in the novel.

The place is a natural beauty with its rocky and white sand beaches that are exceptionally unique, spread across the main island and in nearly two hundred surrounding small islands. Belitung island has Tanjung Binga classic pier where the fishing boats are docking. Seeing the dramatic sky while fishing in the wooden pier can indeed be a relaxing moment. Still in the main island, Tanjung Tinggi is a must-see spot due to its gigantic granite rocks and clear white-sand beach.

What should be boldly printed in any Belitung itinerary is islands hopping. Rent a small boat then go to some highlighted islands such as Lengkuas Island, Kepayang Island and other unnamed small islands nearby. The main island itself is best explored by renting a car. Altogether, Belitung is very suitable for group trips. Don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses, sunblock and snorkeling gear. Both the upper and underwater views are amazingly pretty and worth every penny.

Belitung is now a heaven for beach-lovers, sunrise and sunset-seekers, photographers and anyone who enjoys beautiful landscapes. Considering its relatively cheap flight (around USD 80 return) and short distance (less than an hour flight) from Jakarta, the place can surely be an appealing option for a long holiday or a quick getaway.

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