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Journey to 11 Articles

For now, the team is still working behind the scene of peepIndonesia.com.

The beta version of peepIndonesia has already been available and can be accessed through http://beta.peepindonesia.com.

However, there are still a lot of things need to be improved. Raiza suggested that to have a good and attractive visual display, we need to publish at least 11 sets of article and photos at the launching of the website. And of course, those 11 sets will indulge the curiosity of the visitors so that they can have a bunch of things to look at their first visit to the website. But still, collecting 11 sets of photos is a big homework for us, especially for our main photographer, Danang. We do have another photographer, Goyo, but he hasn’t been able to contribute much since he’s still busy going back and forth between Indonesia and Japan.

11 sets of article and photos is not impossible indeed, but it is also not an easy thing to create, so we have to try hard to make it; to ensure that you can peep the beauty, diversity and hospitality of Indonesia at the time the website launched on 17th August 2010, on the 65th anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day.

Jakarta, 24 July 2010

Photo by Arria Belli

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Beni Suryadi

As a proud Indonesian, he wants to open the world's eyes to the fact that Indonesia is a very beautiful country, worthy to be loved. Currently, he is working as an energy policy analyst for Southeast Asia region. He is also an editor and a freelance writer.
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