Longser Sunda

Longser Sunda is a mix of Sundanese dance and play, unique to West Java area. The actors play a story of common Sundanese people. They put some current issues into the story, supplemented with comedy acts making the whole three hours show very enjoyable. The stories are usually ended with some useful moral lessons.

Traditional dance performances make it even more interesting, where energetic movements and colorful costumes of the Ronggengs (the female dancers) really liven up the night.

Another important part of the show is the Nayagas – the gamelan (traditional music instruments) players. They play the music to accompany the dancers and also to provide sound effects during the play. The Nayagas work really hard to ensure that the music fits every scene. It is essential to amplify the effect of the play, including the comedy acts.

It was a delightful performance, accomplishment of months of training from all young Indonesians who were involved in the show.

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4 thoughts on “Longser Sunda”

  1. Longser sebenernya adalah salah satu jenis kesenian drama sunda,
    yang kemarin dipertunjukkan adalah pementasan beberapa kesenian (upacara bubuka, rampak kacapi, rampak kendang, tari jaipong “bajidor kahot”, tari dharmalaya, upacara penutup) yang dikemas dalam satu cerita longser, untuk keseluruhannya lebih tepatnya disebut Pagelaran.

  2. oia,, ada yang kelewat..
    longser itu dibuka dengan penyalaan oncor (obor dalam bahasa indonesia), terus dibuka dengan tari jaipong. dan mulailah babaknya.
    pengetahuan saya juga masih terbatas ko.

    makasih udah dimasukkan ke peep-indonesia..

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