The Marvelous Landscape of Molo

Not many people know Molo, a rich area managed by indigenous people in the southern part of Mutis Mountain Sanctuary, Timor Tengah Selatan, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). The area possesses abundant valuable mineral resources including marble, manganese, gold, oil, gas and many more. One indigenous tribe, Molo, lives in the upstream, while the other indigenous tribes; Amanuban and Amanatun, live in the downstream area.

Unlike the stereotype of NTT that is often perceived to have dry lands, this area is highly fertile and thick with primary forests. Many native biodiversity reside in this eastern part of Indonesia including various birds, butterflies, forest honey, sandalwood and the unique homogeneous forest of Ampupu (Eucalyptus urophylla) that can only be found in Mutis Mountain. It also holds a prominent role as water catchment area since at least three watersheds and 13 rivers are flowing from the mountain to water many areas in Timor Tengah Selatan.

Having a beautiful pretty landscape and super friendly people, this area holds high potentials of tourism that are is still left untouched. High marble mountains and thick-dark-green forests laying under the blue sky reinforce the remarkable scenery in Nausus, one of the peaks in Mutis Mountain where people can capture all of these heavenly view. Green grasses over the pretty lines of Eucalyptus forests seem to invite everyone to gather, camp, play guitar, set bonfires and to sip some ginger tea.

People with excessive adrenaline who love to go on challenging journeys would certainly love Molo. It is one of the most exotic and untouched places in Indonesia. The area can be reached in 2-3 hours by using public land transportation from Kupang to Soe, and another 2-3 hours trip uphill usually by using ojek (motorcycle taxi). One note need to be taken; don’t forget to bring along a sleeping bag, or even take some friends and loved ones to cuddle with, as they will help preserve body heat. It’s cold outside and it’s getting extra colder during the night. However, stargazing on a clear night will be rewarding since people can literally see all the stars in the sky from the marvelous Molo.

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