Mount Merbabu, Central Java

Hiking Journal of Mount Merbabu, September 2010

After more than two hours trekking from the entrance post, the majestic landscape was finally opened before our eyes. The view from this first savanna comprised of hills filled with shrubs of Cantigi (Vaccinium varingiaefolium) and Edelweiss (Anaphalis javanica), as well as the bashful Peak of Merapi in the south trying to sneak among the clouds. In this spot, the top of Mount Merbabu was still nowhere in sight while the valley between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu could be seen as wrinkle green layers.

The uninvited fog had returned, marking the time to continue climbing onto the second savanna, where the beauty was multiplied because expansive panorama appeared in this second spot. Aside from Merapi, Mount Lawu was also visible in the far east, showing silhouette resembling the face of a pretty lady in her sleep. A perfect spot to set up the tent and relax.

While sipping the warm ginger concoction and musing around the bonfire, the scenes of early trekking alongside the villages before reaching the tent were flashing around my mind. The distance between the last stop of public transportation to the hiking registration post was quite far, providing an opportunity for every hiker to enjoy more of the life in the village. Regardless of the urgency to register in the post, I wanted to stay longer for a cup of coffee or two with the friendly people to capture their sincere smiles and to savor the tableau of vast tobacco and vegetables plantations.

First thing in the morning, amidst the fog and cold, we were climbing onto Peak of Merbabu. The open savanna hinted the condition of trekking path. Some were steep ascending paths in between of wide and open savanna, complete with broken white blossoming Edelweiss to contrast the wide array of greeneries in its surrounding. My eyes seemed did not want to let go the sight of Merapi by kept looking back just to admire the beauty of the active volcano, or looking head to east to view the peaceful Lawu. Around 8 hours later, we finally arrived to the Peak of Merbabu marked with expansive view of grassland and rocks. Just a minute in this spot, embracing the mountain, the view and its refreshing air, will instantly make you feel in love with mother nature, all over again.

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  1. Guanteng tenan hasilnya…….tapi Kamera langsung opname 2 minggu…”NO Pay NO Gain” artinya dilarang asal jeprat-jepret….

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