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Starting this project with five team members living in different parts of the world is really a challenge.

Five different people, five different ideas, five different ways of thinking.

However, apparently, it seems that we can meet that challenge.

Work division, of course, is the key to everything.

Each person in this team worked well in constructing this site so that only in few days we leaped on significant improvements.

  • Danang, the photographer, enthusiastically uploads his photography collections which will be displayed on this site.
  • Goyo, the editor and proof reader, reviewing and editing all the scripts for each story.
  • Raiza, the web developer, trying hard to design an attractive display of the website.
  • Noudie, the business developer, popping ideas on how to develop this website.
  • And I, Beni, play the role as narrator.

For now, the work division thing has not been fully implemented yet. We are still helping each others’ tasks. Therefore, we are trying to define role and responsibilities of each team member and we’re also trying to design the work flow so that we can run this website continuously and professionally.

With all of these efforts, we sincerely hope that our dream to introduce the beauty of Indonesia to the world come true.

Photo by woodleywonderworks

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Beni Suryadi

As a proud Indonesian, he wants to open the world's eyes to the fact that Indonesia is a very beautiful country, worthy to be loved. Currently, he is working as an energy policy analyst for Southeast Asia region. He is also an editor and a freelance writer.
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4 thoughts on “Peep The Team”

  1. Guys this is really cool and amazing. I truly love the appearance of this website, the logo, and of course the idea that you guys are putting together. This site has a potential.

    1. Hi Melancholie (this is an edited comment after I mistakenly tried forwarding your comment to my colleagues),Thanks for visiting, we have the sixth already: Dwi Rahardiani aka Duy. Please read it on the seventh spot is still open :)Do you really live in Indonesia? Just came across your blog and read it very quickly. Although I don’t understand German, I think you do live in Indonesia (and farm!). How do you like it?

    2. Hi, I’m Tom, a German artist and rice-farmer. I live in my wife’s home-village since 2000. I like tana-laut very much, but the society – OK, nothing is perfect.

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