Ramayana Ballet

Candi Prambanan, one of the biggest Hindu temple compounds in Indonesia (candi means temple). The temple is located at the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java, and is one of the must-visit place on the area. When you do, make sure that you also watch the performance. Not just old temple, you can also get the experience to learn about Javanese folktale in a form of traditional dancing and music under spectacular lightings.

At an open space amphitheatre, at the temple’s yard, during the full moon nights, a group of dancers and gamelan players and maybe hundreds of technicians were working together to present the famous performance; Ramayana Ballet – an epic love story.

Entering the gate, you will be welcomed by beautiful music from the gamelan (gamelan is a set of traditional music equipments) played by nayaga. The music will send us back to hundred years ago, back to the ancient kingdom era.

A splendid lighting arrangement, also supported by the moon light, creates a perfect ambience – perfect to feel the dramatic atmosphere in the air.

The story reveals the fight of good and evil; between Rama, who was helped by Hanoman, against Rahwana, to save Shinta – Rama’s wife.

The dancers movement, the costumes detail and dazzling make-up put the soul of each characters. The adjustment of the lighting that follows each scene, including fire here and there, will give you the real-feel. The show was colossal, even majestic, as there were around 100 dancers on the stage.

It’s two hours of great traditional music and amazing traditional dance. At the end of the show, you can take picture with the dancers. It surely is a special souvenir from Indonesia. It surely is a different story to tell. Unforgettable.

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