Semeru Mountain

Semeru is the highest volcano in Java island with its Mahameru peak rises 3,676 meters high above sea level. The volcano is located in East Java. From the capital city Surabaya, take a bus to Malang or Lumajang and go straight to the small city called Tumpang. Visitors can continue the journey by car or by hitchhiking trucks transporting vegetable to reach Ranu Pani village, the entry point of Semeru.

Around 5 km trekking through the hillside, which is full of Edelweiss flowers, you will reach Watu Rejeng where the beautiful scenery of steep stones, pine forests and sometimes puff of smoke from the crater are waiting. With another 4.5 km trek, the crystal clear fresh water lake called Ranu Kumbolo is expecting to host your night stay until very early in the next day. The magnificent view of sunrise at the lake will drag you to a relaxed morning. Climb a steep hill to reach Cemoro Kandang, a pinery forest with birds and deers.

Continue the journey, stay overnight in Kalimati and take one hour trek to reach Arcopodo, the last vegetated area at 2,900 meters high. It is suggested to leave bulky luggages in Kalimati or Arcopodo, and start hiking to the peak at around 2 a.m. to avoid toxic gas blowing from Jonggring Saloka crater.

The best time to climb Semeru is during the dry season (around June to September) to avoid storm and land slide. Despite the quite challenging environment, climbing Semeru is enjoyable with panoramic and breathtaking scenery along the way. Furthermore, it is an undeniable achievement to be able to reach the peak of one of the highest active volcanoes in Indonesia, don’t you think? Happy climbing!

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