Tidung Island

‘Peace’ might be the first word comes to mind when visitors make the first step on the island. Just 3 hours boat trip from Jakarta, lie two beautiful islands: Tidung Besar (besar means big) and Tidung Kecil (kecil means small). The two islands, connected by a two kilometer wooden bridge, are one of the most favorite holiday destinations in Indonesia – especially because it is not far from Jakarta. It’s perfect as a weekend getaway spot for busy people from the nation’s capital city.

The sea around the islands is very calm, perfect for beach activities. The underwater is amazing, perfect for snorkeling. Other than water activities, visitors can also rent a bicycle to circle the islands or walk along the bridge. The islands and the bridge offer breathtaking scenery and amazing sensation of walking ‘on’ the sea.

One day might not be enough the explore all the beauty that these islands possess. Not to worry, because the islanders are ready to provide a home-stay experience. Staying overnight will also give the chance to see sunrise at Tidung Besar and sunset at Tidung Kecil, and don’t forget the beautiful starry night on both islands.

Aside from tourism activities, the islanders were working on mangrove plantation to sustain the islands’ ecosystem. If interested, visitors are most welcome – and even encouraged – to join the program.

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